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Happy 18th Birthday Aiai

Happy 18th Birthday Maho Aikawa on March 26. 2017 I hope Aiai is feeling well. I also hope that we could see her again with ANGERME. I miss her. And I miss her bright smile.   Pictures photoshopped by me.  

Full moon for Aiai and me

Tonight we can see full moon in Japan and also in Finland. If you have not yet participated in Maho Aikawa Birthday Project then do it now! Details here.   Picture photoshopped by me.  

It’s a full moon tonight

Yes, it's a full moon night now on February 11. 2017 in Finland and also in Japan. As I see full moon glowing in the sky I always remember dear Aiai. Are we both kind of moonstruck?? Let's do it again! Let's target our positive…

Healing beams to Aiai

Let's target our positive loving healing beams to Aiai. As you might know Aiai was diagnosed with a panic disorder few weeks ago and since that she has been on sick leave from her H!P and ANGERME activities. From my point of view without Maho…

Aiai The Space Girl

If you have followed Maho Aikawa's blog posts you have noticed that she every now and then writes about moon and other spacely things. Especially on those days when there is a full moon in the sky. Some days ago she was excited about Supermoon.…
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