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This is my ANGERME

This is why I love ANGERME. This is The Real One. This is how Climax is growing in ANGERME and the result is almost always Pure Chaos. And I Love it! It's Only ANGERME but I Love it!! Love it!! Yes I do!!   This…

Murotan power

On stage Mizuki Murota is one heck of an energy bomb. And she looks so sweet & cool at the same time. We are celebrating her 18th Birthday with these 18 live shots from various concerts.     And here are a couple of Murotan…

Happy 8teenth Birthday Murotan

My number one Hello! Project girl is now 18 years old. Happy 18th Birthday MIZUKI MUROTA June 12. 2016 Congratulations from Kakko-ii.com.   Mizuki Murota (ANGERME) Mini Photo Book "Greeting - Photobook -" Mizuki Murota / ANGERME
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