Category: birthday

Happy 21 Takechan

Akari Takeuchi, the calligraphy master & the sub-leader of ANGERME is now 21 years old.     Happy 21st Birthday TAKECHAN on November 23. 2018 Congrats from zush @    

Happy 24th Honey

Sub-leader of Morning Musume. '18 turned to 24 today. It's time to celebrate Haruna Iikubo's Cake Day.     Happy 24th Birthday HONEY on November 7. 2018 Congrats from zush @ blog    

Happy Twenty dear Meimei

One of my all time favorite girls turned to 20 today! I think I love Meimi Tamura even more today than back then when she was still in Hello! Project.     Happy 20th Birthday Meimei on October 30. 2018 Congrats from zush @…

Happy 50th Birthday Tsunku

I call Tsunku as The Emperor of Hello! Project. You might have some other nicknames for him but in any case he is The Man that changed J-pop scene & culture significantly when he started to work with girls which later became the group called Morning Musume. And…
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