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Happy 8teen Rikako

Rikako Sasaki, one of my most favorite girls in Hello! Project, is now 18 years old.     Happy 18th Birthday Dear Rikako on May 28. 2019 Congratulations from zush @ kakko-ii.com    

From my Hello! Project archives – H!P Kenshuusei girls in 2014

Hello! Pro Kenshuusei girls Nanami Tanabe, Ayano Hamaura, Rena Ogawa, Maria Makino and Rikako Sasaki in 2014. These magazine page scans are from UpToBoy vol. 220 (June 2014). Nanami is today in OnePixcel. Ayano is today in Kobushi Factory. Rena graduated from Kobushi Factory on…
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