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Meimei love (part 2)

Some more Meimi Tamura pictures from near past plus solo live clip from 2013. Yes, I will be missing Meimei when she has graduated.   Goodbye Natsuo (Quad Smile live 2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k_iNEqLsBg  

Only one day remaining

Tomorrow on November 29.┬áKanon Fukuda┬ásays goodbye to her idol years and starts a challenging new life. Maro talks quite openly about her time in S/mileage & ANGERME on revealing interview which is done by Sakurai Takamasa and published on asianbeat.com. You should read that story…

Happy B-day Takechan

Today (November 23. 2015) is 18th Birthday of Akari Takeuchi. Happy Cake Day Takechan! By da way, take a closer look how enormous energetic she has been lately on ANGERME videos. I've not been posting any news about ANGERME new 4th generation member Moe Kamikokuryou…
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