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Happy 20 Murotan

It's another Birthday celebration in ANGERME. Now it's Mizuki Murota as she turned to TWENTY.   Happy 20th Birthday Murotan on June 12. 2018 Congratulations from zush @ kakko-ii.com    

Happy 19th Birthday Murotan

Mizuki Murota from ANGERME is now 19 years old. I'm a bit late with these congrats as °C-ute's final concert got most of my attention & energy today on June 12.     So .. Belated Happy 19th Birthday Murotan on June 12. 2017 Congratulations…

This is my ANGERME

This is why I love ANGERME. This is The Real One. This is how Climax is growing in ANGERME and the result is almost always Pure Chaos. And I Love it! It's Only ANGERME but I Love it!! Love it!! Yes I do!!   This…

Murotan power

On stage Mizuki Murota is one heck of an energy bomb. And she looks so sweet & cool at the same time. We are celebrating her 18th Birthday with these 18 live shots from various concerts.     And here are a couple of Murotan…
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