Hello! Project Idol Hanami 2023

This is kind of spring tradition here in my Kakko-ii blog. So now once again it has been an Idol Hanami season and I’ve picked up some photos from various blogs and social media feeds of Japanese idols for you.

This time I’ll post two separate photo collections. This first post has shots from Hello! Project members and former members. The other set of photos are from non-H!P idols those I follow. Both major idols and indie idol girls.


Ayano Kawamura & Rin Hashisako from ANGERME


Natsume Nakayama from OCHA NORMA


Chinami Tokunaga former Berryz Kobo


Erina Ikuta from Morning Musume. ’23


Mei Yamazaki from Morning Musume. ’23


Miki Nonaka from Morning Musume. ’23 & Miku Nishizaki from OCHA NORMA


Airi Suzuki former C-ute


Ayaka Hirose former Kobushi Factory


Reina Yokoyama from Morning Musume. ’23


Ruli Hiromoto from OCHA NORMA


Ayano Hamaura former Kobushi Factory


Minami Okamura from BEYOOOOONDS


Homare Okamura & Reina Yokoyama from Morning Musume. ’23


Akari Endo from Juice=Juice


Risa Ogata former Tsubaki Factory


Ruru Dambara from Juice=Juice


Yuki Hirayama from ANGERME


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