Year of The Rabbit 2023

According to Chinese calendar it’s now Year of The Rabbit. As it’s popular also in Japan to celebrate Chinese zodiac animals also idols do it.

Here I’ve chosen some rabbit related photos from various Japanese indie and major idols I follow. There are of course many members from Hello! Project but also some indie cover singers & dancers.


Airi Suzuki


Ruli Hiromoto from OCHA NORMA


Hitomi Arai & Mei Shoji from Tokyo Girls’ Style


Rei Kuromiya from BRATS


Sakurako Hittori from Rabbit Hutch


Ayano Kawamura from ANGERME


Kanami Ishiguri from OCHA NORMA


Meimi Tamura


Runa Hoshino from Sakura Mode Project


Kanon Fukuda from METAMUSE ?




Marine Fukuda from Tsubaki Factory


Mizuki Fukumura from Morning Musume. ’23


Hitomi Suzuki from ME


Hinata Goto from Rabbit Hutch


Manami Chopa


Kurumi Takase from BEYOOOOONDS


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