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Happy 20th Birthday Maa-chan

My beloved young woman from Morning Musume. '19 has her Birthday Party today. Masaki Sato is now TWENTY! Maa-chan was born in the same year when I became Hello! Project & Morning Musume fan.     Happy 20th Birthday Dear Maa-chan on May 7. 2019…

Ai-chan & Maachan

What made me happy this morning right after I had managed to get up from my bed? It was this fresh post on Ai-chan's blog. When Morning Musume 5th generation (2001–2011) member Ai Takahashi met 10th generation (2011–) member Masaki Sato. Ai-chan says that she…

Happy 19 Maachan

She is one of my favorite girls from Morning Musume. '18 and she turned to 9teen today. The one and only Masaki Sato.   Happy 19th Birthday Dear Maachan on May 7. 2018 Congratulations from zush @ kakko-ii.com    

Masaki Sato on hiatus

Now we have another "doctor's orders" in Hello! Project as Masaki Sato from Morning Musume.'17 was diagnosed with a lumbar herniated disc on January 4. 2017. Maachan has been experiencing increasing lower back pain and now she must take a break from all her (physical) activities…
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