Idol Hanami 2023

This is part 2 of my Idol Hanami posts. Here are photos of some non-Hello! Project idols I follow on daily basis.

There are for example members from the groups like Devil ANTHEM. and Tokyo Girls Style. Also young cover singers / dancers from indie idol circuit such as Runa and Manami.


Akira Mizuno from Devil ANTHEM.


Yuri Nakae & Hitomi Arai from Tokyo Girls’ Style


Ayane Iyoda – Photo: Nozomi Yume


Mao Yamazaki from Hokuriku Idol Club


Kapo – Photo: Don



Ema Maeno


Homare Adachi – Photo: Hase


Miyu Yamabe from Tokyo Girls’ Style


Runa Hoshino


Sakurako Hattori from RABBIT HUTCH


Kurumi Takekoshi from Devil ANTHEM.


Manami Chopa


Mei Shoji from Tokyo Girls’ Style


Minami Yamazoe former FAREWELL My L.u.v


Yuri Nakae from Tokyo Girls’ Style


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