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Ai-chan & Maachan

What made me happy this morning right after I had managed to get up from my bed? It was this fresh post on Ai-chan's blog. When Morning Musume 5th generation (2001–2011) member Ai Takahashi met 10th generation (2011–) member Masaki Sato. Ai-chan says that she…

Aiai The Space Girl

If you have followed Maho Aikawa's blog posts you have noticed that she every now and then writes about moon and other spacely things. Especially on those days when there is a full moon in the sky. Some days ago she was excited about Supermoon.…

Aiai is Ultra Monster freak

You who happen to follow ANGERME and especially Maho Aikawa know that she is not into cute things such as Hello Kitty. Our Aiai is an Ultra Monster freak and also interested in space and astronomy. Those are just a couple of reasons why I…

Meimei love (part 2)

Some more Meimi Tamura pictures from near past plus solo live clip from 2013. Yes, I will be missing Meimei when she has graduated.   Goodbye Natsuo (Quad Smile live 2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k_iNEqLsBg  

Cutest zombies are coming to take ya

PREDIANNA girls are getting to the Halloween mood. They made a low budget Halloween video just for us. Hah ha, you understand what "low budget" means when you watch this video. "ZOMBIEM" is a coupling song on PREDIANNA's upcoming "DESTROY" single (edition C). Oh, almost…
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