Tag: Ayano Kawamura

Happy 20 Kawamuu

That ANGERME girl with those stunning long legs is now 20 years old. Watching her dancing on stage is something special.     Happy 20th Birthday Ayano Kawamura on July 7. 2019 Congrats from zush @ kakko-ii.com   Get Kawamuu's 1st photobook from CD Japan…

Happy 19th Birthday Kawamuu

Ayano Kawamura from ANGERME turned to 19 today. If I must name one and only one thing about Kawamuu it's her loooong legs and how flexible they are.     Happy 19th Birthday Kawamuu on July 7. 2018 Congratulations from zush @ KAKKO-II blog  

Happy 8teen Kawamuu

ANGERME's new girl Ayano Kawamura is now 18 years old. I'm kind of suprised that she is alreday so "old". Soon we are gonna see her and Musubu Funaki in real action with other ANGERME girls as Hello! Project 2017 Summer Tour ~HELLO! MEETING~ &…
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