Muzak à la Morning Musume

I’ve tried to avoid commenting this issue as long as possible… but not any longer. I’m as frank as I can be but also totally subjective. So there is no need to say that I’m wrong. Because there is no “rights” or “wrongs”. Things just are as they happen to be.

The truth is I’m very disappointed after listening Morning Musume’s new single & seeing different PV versions of Aruiteru. I was afraid this could be the case after I heard first concert rips of this song. Fear creeped inside me and raised many questions.

The song, Aruiteru, is too monotonous and what underlines it’s dullnes is bad arrangement. Why the hell they used awful 80’s style synth orchestration in it? Those “strings” water down this song completely.

If you listen instrumental version on Aruiteru, you can hear how leftoverish the song is. Nothing special in it at all. Muzak at it’s best?

About lyrics. It almost looks like Tsunku has had something else to do than writing decent lines. Oh yes, he really has done so many other things these months. When you don’t have time to create new verses you just add lot of sha-la-las & na-n-nas in your song. That’ll do it?

Morning Curry, single’s another miss hit, seem to be surplus material from Koharu’s sessions. Really nothing more to say about it.

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Written by zush

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  1. jam

    That is just so true O_O Lyrics sucks, and thought I don’t hate the song it still stinks pretty bad. I’m afraid that this might be MM’s last single, somehow (well it can’t, since we now know that there is at least one more.(better be gooood)).
    Damn it, what on earth has gone to Tsunku? Whole 2006 has been this kind of “oh well” and “naa I don’t know” songs for MM. Feels like hes trying to destroy Musumes on purpose.

  2. Craig

    If Morning Musume were a games console they’d be like Nintendo. Nintendo seem to really dislike letting anyone develop new games for them. As a result in the past Nintendo have lost out to the likes of Sony who do work with 3rd parties… Tsunku is like Nintendo.

  3. wu-san

    its hard to come to terms with the state of Musical quality within the MM camp. But sadly its true, the last few singles have showcased a lack of care, and a huge loss in Identity.

    I believe that this single is on the right lines, however it’s not a good song. I agree with what you’re saying Zush totally. its utterly boring and so bland, its scary. however compared to the one or two singles before, I think its a step up.

    lets hope Tsunku remembers what made H!P, the roots of this is Morning Musume. Its great how well some of the other factions in H!P are doing, but to forget the most Iconic thing IMO is just plain rude, and unfair on the MM legacy and the current girls who make up MM, if they were given the care that older gens got, and the musical material that Tsunku can create then we’d be wearing smile right now.

    what hurts is, they’re all fine girls, but they’re getting the raw end of the deal, a total 360 of what could be seen years ago…i think its an easy fix, its whether the people with power can be bothered.

    this blog really makes you think about things

  4. Craig

    They got to No. 1 with this song now… bizarre.

  5. Zush

    Yep, so it does. At this moment limited edition version is #2 and normal edition is #3 in live chart. But that does not mean that it´s a good song.

  6. Zush

    It’s interesting to watch how Morning Musume’s single versions are doing in this Japanese sales chart.
    Like now, after 12 hours, CD/DVD version is still number 2 but normal CD is dropped down to number 10.
    I think this chart is updated every 10-15 minutes or so.

  7. Craig

    I know I’d rather have a DVD.

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