Why o’ why all cool bands break up ?

Shiroberi? Did you know that there has been berries also outside Hello! Project. And those berries tasted totally different. Let me introduce you another favorite band of mine.

Once upon a time in Hokkaido there were five close friends that played punk oriented rock together. Those elementary school girls formed band in 1994 and named it Whiteberry (Shiroberi). They did some local gigs every now and then until Judy And Mary, another fave band of mine, discovered them and Whiteberry was signed to Sony in 1999.


Whiteberry managed to do only 2 full lenght studio albums (Hatsu & Chameleon), one ep, several singles and 3 dvds during their five years Sony contract. Finally Whiteberry was disbanded in 2004 by collective agreement because four out of five girls were heading to college. Whiteberry did it’s final concert in Hokkaido in March 2004. After band’s break up Sony published Whiteberry’s compilation cd Kiseki & dvd Videoberry Final.

Whiteberry’s line-up was: Yuki Maeda (voc), Aya Inatsuki (guitar), Yukari Hasegawa (bass, my fave Shiroberi girl), Rimi Mizusawa (keys) and Erika Kawamura (drums). Most of Whiteberry’s recorded songs were written by girls themselves. I think Natsumatsuri, Sakura Namikimichi, Yuki, Akubi and Kakurenbo are best known songs from this energetic band.

Yukari - The bass player

Whiteberry’s music was a combination of fast loud punk rock and catchy pop tunes. Their first songs were more pop & fun but when they grew older band’s music changed towards darker nuances. I liked both sides of Whiteberry. They were real band with real girl power attitude. Although this band was so good it never reached to major success. I think their music was too alternative to find it’s way to j-pop charts. Maybe Whiteberry was too rough & noisy or maybe their big record comapny just wasn’t active enough when promoting them.

Yukki today

After Whiteberry Yuki (or Yukki, as Japanese write her name) has been working with her new band. Not a surprise that there is a taste of Whiteberry in her new songs. Yukki has published one single 東京 (Tokyo) and one ep 卒業 (Graduation) so far. She also contributed Tribute to Avril Lavigne album project with Losing Grip song.

And the other girls, how are they doing? I really don’t know. I guess they are going to college and I hope that some day at least some of them are making comebacks to music biz. While waiting for that miracle I can always be nostalgic and listen Whiteberry’s CDs and watch those DVDs over & over again. And of course keep my eye on Yukki.

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  1. minimoniotaku

    How did you hear Yukki\’s new music? I can\’t find it on CD Japan or YesAsia (except for that Avril Lagvine tribute, which I can do without because I hate Avril Lagvine). I love and miss Whiteberry and almost quit my shitty jewelry store job so that I could go to Japan and see their last shows.

    Where oh where did you find Yukki’s new material? It’s not anywhere on CD Japan or Yes Asia. I love and miss Whiteberry.

  2. Zush

    I have the same problem as you minimoniotaku. Yukki´s record company Dead Girls describes this ep as yukki First Mini Album and it´s in CD format with code DGCD-1009. Some Japanese record stores have had it but I guess it´s out of stock today.

    Samples of Yukki´s new songs you can hear @ her site (music section) and some Japanese digital music online stores. So actually you could buy her digi songs using your mobile phone or pc but I guess those stores serve only Japanese customers.

    Yukki has some live dates announced: December 4th Tokyo/Shibuya BOXX and December 7th Tokyo/Kitazawa. God I wish I could be there!

    I´m e-mailing to Yukki today and asking some questions. But as I use English, I hope she understands me and also answers. It would be cool & interesting. I´ll tell you if I get mail from her!

    Yukki´s record company

    Digital music online stores

  3. jam

    Ooh! That band sounds really interesting! I think I’m gonna dl little of them, and see should I buy their CD’s.

    Yeah it’s sad all da good groups brake up. I hope MM never does. Expecially if you’re a true fan, it’s probably horrible 🙁 Cheers.

  4. Natsumi HP

    so many bands I don’t know about. I shall have to take a look at some of their songs.

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