I’ll tell you what nostalgia is

Today it happened to me once again.

I was watching Nico Nico Live stream while doing my work things. It was an all day long Morning Musume 15 years special broadcasting and they showed all MM promotional videos and also some live stuff with MM girls.

Sure watching old Morning Musume clips can make you nostalgic but when it really gets nostalgic you are travelling deep in to your memories and there are those conscious and subconscious things that make you so emotional.

I’m quite an emotional person and when Nico Nico started showing one of my all time favorites from Morning Musume my heart started beating faster and tears came blurring my vision.

I can’t specify what actually happened and why I got so emotional but I know that there are many separate things combined together and that burst of memories makes me so moved.

Maybe it’s because I’ve followed Morning Musume almost from it’s beginning.
Maybe it’s because there are all those MM members I loved so much at that time.
Maybe it’s because of Aibon and what has happened to her since those times.
Maybe it’s because the song has meant to me so much over these years.
All that and much more I guess.

Watching Morning Musume’s graduation concerts makes my eyes wet.
Seeing Morning Musume live in Paris first time got me really emotional.
Same thing with Buono! in Paris last February.

So it goes. Always and forever.

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