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Concert audience can be awesome. Best moments are those when it seems that the crowd and the performer(s) are surfing on a same emotional wave, feeling high & touched, supporting each others to the point that there is only that interactive experience, the ultimate shared trance, togetherness, or what ever you want to call it.

SSA - The Beginning

At the moment, when I’m writing this, I’m listening to a fan’s recording of Hello! Project’s Osaka concert held on 22nd July 2007. I have grabbed several this kind of recordings lately and they all show even more clearly than DVDs how dedicatelly fans in the audience are with the performers. They shout, they sing along, they clap and they stomp.

H!P Summer 2007 - Good excuse #1

As said many times before, the great audience can boost those artists on stage to another level where they do their things even better than they thought they are ever able to do. Every time I listen these concert recordings I wonder how cool it is to be a Hello! Project artist. How cool it is to be a fan of those artists. I listen now Ai Araba It’s All right and I’m absolutely sure that if I some how had been there among that shouting crowd, I also had been singing, shouting names (like KonKon & Miya) and waving my glow sticks. Dream on Zush, dream on…

H!P Summer 2007 - Good excuse #2

Now on Osaka Festival Hall’s stage it’s Berryz singing their song Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba. Berryz is a good example of how deeply audience can touch artist. When Berryz were doing their encore at Saitama Super Arena last spring, people took their pink glow sticks up and girls went crying when saw that: Hundreds and hundreds of pink lights waving before their tearful eyes. That must have been a very wonderful experience for all berries.

SSA - Chinami, Yurina & crowd

My experiences on H!P artist’s concerts so far are quite mild: watching DVDs & listening these not-so-good-quality recordings. But I’ve got a hint of how it could be. I can feel those emotions, I can enjoy, I can have tears, I can be happy. Yeah, I have a dream and I hope that this dream come’s true some time in the near future.

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  1. Craig

    One day you’ll be there (“Representing” as is the slang around these parts (London, UK ’07)) I feel, you Zush.

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