H!P in 58th Kouhaku Utagassen = NG!

I’m really disappointed and it seems that I’m not the only one. Hello! Project’s performance in 58th Kouhaku Utagassen¬†was so bad that I would like to call it a major fiasco or failure or what evar you want to call that limbo.

There wasn’t a single thing right in H!P’s set last evening. We were waiting for Morning Musume, C-ute & Berryz Kobo to be cool and glorious. But what we got? A poorly composed crappy set that had Love Machine once again as a opening number. Why on earth they chose the same song two times in a row to be performed in Kouhaku?

And what about eagerly waited participations of Berryz & C-ute? They each got roughly 22 seconds air time with their own songs Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi and Tokaikko Junjou. Very nice indeed.

Better forget all this and start waiting for the better times. I don’t have to be a prophet to tell you that this spring is going to be a Super Season for all us H!P fans. C-ute’s new smashing album, Berryz cool single, Buono!s rockin’ single, Morning Musume’s single, H!P’s concert tour and the ending climax for spring season we are going to have Berryz vs. C-ute Battle tour. Not that’s what I call nice. Indeed!

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  1. Radicalpatriot

    I really think the Kauhaku organizers lost track, over the past 12 months, of just how far C-ute and Berryz had come in just one year. Just look at the expressions on the faces of thoe in the audience. They had no clue; in fact, when C-ute lit it up for that one bright shining moment, it really got the attention of people. They were stunned, not realizing just how good these girls are, and how their act deserved a separate slot, as did Berryz. The travesty here is not on Tsunku, it’s on Kouhaku.


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