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Rikako roxx

.. and that's a fact. All hail The H!P Queen of Rock! Below you see one snap shot from Rikako's blog post where she shows some of her t-shirts. Now that's what I call rock chick stuff. Would be nice to know her daily playlist.…

That Girl

That girl looks often so absolutely average and yet she is always so very special. First 12 pictures are from various blog posts etc. sources. Captures are from "Riho's Fashion Archive" DVD preview. And here's the actual clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTtoSYQOaQo  

Maa-chan wants to LOVE

Maa-chan truly LOVEs Sayu but do Sayu get too much LOVE from her? Maa-chan is now ready to jump in the sea of LOVE.   Scene 1   Scene 2   Scene 3   Scene 4   Scene 5   Scene 6 - Even rock'n'roll…
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