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Buono! finalized

Finally "The Testament of Buono! for all The Future Generations" (a.k.a. "Young Persons Guide to The Great Buono!") is released. Actually it's official name is plainly "Buono! Live 2017 ~Pienezza!~" but the most expensive box set from these three editions is indeed the ultimate Buono!…

I got my BABYMETAL special set

Yeah, today this nice BABYMETAL vinyl album sleeve-like package arrived. They sold these sets only at BABYMETAL's Nippon Budokan concerts. Only 12' vinyl record is missing. Instead inside the sleeve there are "History of BABYMETAL" DVD + Music card + Battle-Kit. DVD has long interviews…

That Girl

That girl looks often so absolutely average and yet she is always so very special. First 12 pictures are from various blog posts etc. sources. Captures are from "Riho's Fashion Archive" DVD preview. And here's the actual clip:  
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