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Happy 17th B-day Rikako

Most lovely & crazy (in that oh so very positive way) girl from ANGERME & Hello! Project turned to 17 today. LOL, actually all ANGERME girls...


Happy 6teen Rikako

Sweet & wild Rikako Sasaki from ANGERME turned to 16 today. Happy 16th Cake Day RIKAKO May 28. 2017 Congrats from kakko-ii.com  

Rikako The Metal Devil 0

Rikako The Metal Devil

All we Rikako Sasaki (from ANGERME) fans know her link to heavy metal and hard rock. You can blame for that only her father. Have you...

2120 times Rikako 0

2120 times Rikako

This picture does not need any description. (Just click the picture and make it larger)     Get you ANGERME life-size tapestries from CD JAPAN Life-size...