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Welcome to Kakko-ii.com Portal’s new front page that’s also a blog. This is gonna be my private playground. Every now and then I need to talk about things those facinates me, makes me mad, surprises me and so on and so on.

This is a place where I can write also about music & life outside Tsunku’s Dynasty. Yeah, there really is “unexpected” life outta there.

I must confess. I’m afraid my interest to Morning Musume is fading away. Not sure if this is just temporary thing that’s a result of Konkon’s leaving or something else. Anyway, it’s been a long way back when I’ve gone really really wild with MM. I’ve been following MM & H!P since 1998. Yeah, that you can say is “a mighty loooong time”! And during these years I’ve seen so many line-up changes, girls growing up, excellent songs & PVs & concert DVDs, scandals and auditions. So what’s different today? Nothing fundamental I guess. It’s just that every time something new happens I can’t help me to comparing it with what has happened in the past. Totally great moments are so few today.

As you can see there is a Berryz Kobo pic on the header of this page. This might not come as a surpsise to all of you but little by little I’m turning to a Berryz fan. Those kawaii fast growing girls get my full attention today. I’m eagerly waiting every song, album & DVD that this septet is going to release. They are potential next main act in Hello! Project. That’s not news, because so many people have the same feeling as I have. Berryz is fresh, developing and surprising group with charming young sportive power.

2006 Haru ~Nyoki Nyoki Champion!~ is next Berryz release (out 0719). It’s a live DVD recorded at their last spring tour. And then in August 2nd comes out single Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND.

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  1. Craig

    Oh yes I think I prefer this. I might have seen the gallery before but this all looks snazzy & new. Yes I think I might be interested in this 🙂

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