So today it’s the end of one especial era. You konw what I’m talking about. It’s Konkon’s graduation concert day. Sunday 23th of July 2006. The place: National Yoyogi Hippodrome 1st Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan.

My number 1 MoMusu girl is waving goodbyes to Tsunku’s Dynasty & idol business when jumping back to REAL life/world. Of course I’m sad and yearning because of Konkon’s departure. No more soft voice of hers. No more that warm & little shy character of hers. No more weekly dose of her in HaroMoni…

But then again I’m happy for Konkon. She appears to be a down-to-earth person. It’s ¬†smarter move to go to University than stay in unstable idol world.

Best wishes & have a rich life whatever you decide to do after these five years in Morning Musume!

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