Maki strips to next level

Not again UFA! What are they doing to our Maki? She’s adult that’s true and we can’t do nothing for that. But if this foxy Some Boys Touch PV style is UFA’s idea of reaching to the next level of Maki’s career, I don’t know if I’m gonna buy it or even follow it.

Maki - Some Boys Touch

Maki has always been a sexy hot babe but why o’ why they are underlining it with this way? Nothing wrong with boobs and stuff but this installation is, as I said, too C-H-E-A-P for dear Maki. This PV is far too much christina aguilera-ish to get me excited. Maki is still hot without any cheap tricks.

I’m going to talk more about this adult oriented new strategy of UFA later. . .


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Written by zush

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  1. Craig

    I agree. I want 2 like Maki but this PV is not helping.

  2. akina_chan666

    I personally like this PV and the song. Both are really good. I wasn’t too found of Gomaki-san in the beginning, and I thought she looked awkward and horse like (seriously, look at her photos closely, than a horse’s photo and they do have similiarities). I’m proudly a girl who loves women and her releasing this and Glass no Pumps leaves me becomming attracted to her. I now find her extremely hot and I think tons of twenty-something nerds in Japan who can’t find hot girlfriends like it as much as I do ^^. Still, you’re entitled to your own opinion and I respect it ^^

  3. wu-san

    I agree with you zush 100%

    as a typical male…i like my women but this is not sexy in my eyes, like you say it just seems really cheap. And I think this is partly to do with the fact that we’ve kind of grown up with her…and we view this whole image as a partial friend i.e. ‘maki, it’s great that your an adult now and want to mature your image to fit, but don’t you think this is just a cheap way to try and sell records?’

    if her very conception as an Idol was fashioned in this way then perhaps we’d all be used to it…and it wouldnt seem contrived, but then…would we have supported her so much? this image just feels like a poor archetype of some generic western pop star.

    the way the ‘franchise’ of H!P esp Morning musume is pitched to us…we become attached and think of ourselves as their ‘material’ friends, i.e. we care for them like a friend would (as long as you’re not obsessive or anything lol), keep your feet on the ground guys and in normality…is all im saying ^_^.

    the problem is i think there is a fine line of what people may percieve as cheap and what is sexy. so the debate will rage on lol. but since japan loves the ‘idol’ angle where we get to know them to an extent large or small…we’ll always care about this type of thing more, rather than the stalemate of western popular culture where ‘pop stars’ are just conveniant and didtached…we don’t place them in our normality, where as we see Morning musume for example as more relatable because we feel we know them…so we’ll care more basically

    it’s not the end of the world, and behind all of this Maki goto is still maki goto so why worry too much?

    if you like it then cool, thats good for you.

    but i’m the voice of reason that says ‘I’m happy if you are maki goto, i just don’t think you need to do this…but oh well its your life, I still suport you’

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