2001 vs. 2007

I watched Morning Musume’s Green Live dvd from 2001 last night. It’s a bare document where MM and it’s sub-groups perform some of their hits in the middle of baseball stadium. That.s why it’s called Green Live. No stage setting, no fancy lights, no changing costumes, just girls doing their songs with a couple of light spots. As I said, it’s bare but so nostalgic.

This concert was the end of one MM era because 5th gen members were joining the lineup soon and Yuko had just graduated.

When I watch MM doing those best-of-the-best songs like I Wish, Love Machine and Renai Revolution 21, I can’t help me falling in to deep nostalgic state. Am I going to sound like my grandpa? Anyway, there is also Tanpopo (Kaori, Mari, Rika & Aibon) performing Koi wo Shichaimasita, Mini Moni with Jyanken Pyon and Maki singing her first single hit Ai no Bakayarou with that angular choreography.

And today, we are in front of same kind of situation. Happy8 auditions are in progress and one or more new members are going to join the gang in the beginning of next year. Konno & Makoto have graduated and we never know if there is gonna be even more graduations before MM’s new lineup is announced. My fuzzy guess is that there will be. Only time will tell how completely wrong I was.

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