Hangry&Angry in the land of Moomin

Rainy and chilly Monday evening at Tavastia Club in Helsinki, Finland.

First of all I was a bit surprised that there came only roughly 200 Hangry&Angry fans to witness this historical event. This was the very first time when any current or former Hello! Project members were giving a concert in Finland. So we all who were there can proudly tell to our children’s children that “I was there when Hitomi and Rika landed to the soil of Finland”.

Although the crowd in Tavastia Club was small the atmosphere was hot and people went completely bananas when Hitomi and Rika accompanied with Finnish DJ Alicia jumped to the stage. Before the actual concert they showed several videos on big screen. Those funny clips were kind of “History of Hitomi & Rika” (commented with Nono, Ai and Risa) and there we saw even Rival PV from Berryz Kobo.

Eleven songs were on H&A’s set list this evening. All sounding much heavier and rougher than their recorded versions. When I watched and listened H&A’s really too short show, I kept thinking how cool it would be if they could have real rock band with them in concerts. This kind of music almost begs to be played with a real live band. Just like Buono! has done. I think it could also increase H&A’s so-called street- or rock credibility. Don’t get me wrong, Hitomi and Rika are cool there but it could be even cooler with a band.

After the last song, which was furious and almost nerve-wracking version of Morning Musume oldie The Peace, some lucky fans from the sweaty crowd got chance to ask questions from Hitomi and Rika. It was quite funny when Rika said she loves Moomin when the question was what they know or think about Finland (or something like that). Yes, so many Japanese girls indeed love Moomin. Another question was about what kind of songs they would like compose if they ever gonna do such and again Rika was the quick one and said “Rock” making horns with her fingers at the same time. OK Rika, you roxx!

I had my nine years old Sony digital camera with me and now when I watch these snaps I can’t do nothing but admit that it’s about time for me to get a new decent camera before my Paris trip. This Sony is a relic and the quality of these photos really suck. Anyways, I’m posting here some crappy shots, because, as said before, this is history.

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