L’Amour Paris

Would you believe?! I’ve never before been to Paris. Been to Tokyo three times but never to Paris. Japan sure has been The Destination for me. This brings us (un)surprisingly to the point of today’s subject as Japan goes to Paris and it’s me who’s going there too at the same time in the beginning of July.

Rika already was in Paris.

You might already know that there is 11th Japan Expo in Paris from 1st to 4th of July. And another “Making history” is happening there as Morning Musume, Japan Expo’s Guests of Honor, for the first time is landing to European soil. This is kind of “once in a life time” chance to witness this special event so I’m also gonna be there as it all happens.

I sure can imagine how excited all those American Morning Musume fans were when the group was Guests of Honor at AX2009 in Los Angeles last year. You don’t need to ask me how excited I am now as it’s only exactly three weeks until my flight to Paris leaves Helsinki airport. There just isn’t scale for this kind of excitements.

So what can I expect from my trip to Paris? Nice weather? Sightseeings around Paris? Climbing up to Eiffel Tower? Going to Louvre to see Mona Lisa? Taking it easy in those pittoresque Parisian cafes and sippin’ Calvados? Naah, I guess I don’t have so much time for that kind of activities¬†because there is a certain Morning Musume concert on 2nd of July plus signing sessions and other events I “must” check out at Japan Expo. If I’m lucky I’ll go and touch The Mighty Tower.

Did she touch The Tower?

As a result of my trip I’m gonna do a reportage to Finnish Japan Pop magazine and of course I’m posting a concert review and other related stuff also here. Yes, I’ve got premium press pass to Anime Expo and even purchased new digital camera for the better photos. Thanks to Soundlicious and Japan Expo staffs for help & approving my press pass.

When in Paris I hope to meet many of you fellow bloggers and H!P fans from all over the world. See you in Paris!

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