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Old stuff? Yep, this movie was released 3 years ago but it’s still on my TOP 5 RECENT MOVIES list.

Lost in Translation

Sofia Coppola’s LOST IN TRANSLATION hooked me at once when I had only watched it like 10 minutes or so. I went to see it three times when it was here at theatres. Then I bought DVD. And I’m still saying Lost in Translation is one of the best films I have seen during recent years.

It touches me deeply every time I watch it and there is several reasons why it does so.

First of all it has that unique atmosphere of Tokyo. I’ve been to Tokyo three times and this movie brings back those memories, those late night neon lights, crowded streets in Shibuya and one certain coffee bar where I and my Japanese friend of those times had lunch. When I see Bob (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) walking/runing through nightly streets of Tokyo I know I’m going back there some day.

Bob & Charlotte in Karaoke Bar

Then it has this some-kind-of-love-story. Should we call it platonic love. Something like that has happened also for me. Two lonely souls meet suddenly in a place where they both feel to be like total aliens. They are empty and their life seem to be so meaningless. But there is a silent tie between these two. It’s a romance with melancholic overtone and when it’s time to return to real life I can’t be sure if that really is the end of their relationship. Can’t hear what Bob whispers in Charlotte’s ear when they hug good-byes.

Matthew's Besto Hitto TV

Although Lost in Translation is quite melancholic it has also hilarious moments. Bob being a quest in Matthew’s Best Hit TV is fun and Bob doing Santory whiskey TV ad with Japanese crew is also very amusing.

If you want only action, awesome special effects, sex scenes and stuff this movie is maybe not for you. But if you love Tokyo, like I do, you might as well like this movie. Give it a try.

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  1. wu-san

    love lost in translation also, I think if you can take anything out of this film, relate to any or all of the themes promoted in this film, then you’ll get a lot out of it.

    I can see why it can bring a lot back for you and give you a real good sense of nostalgia. you’ve been to Japan 3 times, I think thats cool. sounds like you had a great time there.

    though I havnt been to Japan…yet LOL the film still conjures up a lot of nostalgia for me and I think thats why I love it so much to. I’ve travelled a lot in holidays in the past to malaysia, singapore, thailand etc and even the smallest things like the sound of the hotel aircon in the movie can bring a lot back to me. I last went on holiday with a friend and thats where I first saw it.

    though I cant relate to the platonic love you mentioned I can relate to being a tourist and sharing it with someone and I like the romantic notion of two people being lost in a city of lights, just wanting to be found. and like you say zush, by the two main characters keeping their love for each other pure and not taking it to the next step its even more special.

    love this film! good blog

  2. Natsumi HP

    saw it with friends. half liked it the other half got bored.

    wow you’ve been to Japan 3 times. Im jealous

    I think what wu-san said is right about being able to relate to it to get something out of it. at the same time though I thought it was good and cant say I’ve been on that many holidays or japan. But I fell for the love story parts.

    hehe the matthew’s best hit TV moments very good.

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