Finally she came into my dream

This short story must be told because it’s so exceptional from my point of view. This is all about my sweet dream I saw yesterday when I fell asleep while watching TV.

It’s very rare that I remember my dreams. And it’s even more exceptional that there are Hello! Project members in my dreams. Last time this kind of dream I can remember happened almost three years ago. Koharu Kusumi come then into my dream and if you’re interested to know more about it check out my blog entry dated on May 16. 2008.

But what happened this time?

Well, the beginning was quite harsh. I was in the middle of the guarrel with this girl who was no one else than Miyabi Natsuyaki. You might ask how could I fight with my most favorite Japanese girl but that was the case. And what was even more disturbing I never figured out what was the reason we were fighting about.

Glaring and shouting went on but then suddenly came the silence. I was looking at Miya and she gave me back some angry gazes. I felt sorry and was thinking about how on earth we are fighting this way especially as I love her so much.

Miya kept her mouth still shut. Neither of us were saying a word. I took two or three steps ’til I was so close to her that our noses almost touched each others. I was starting to sink into her eyes and I felt that loving feeling coming again between us. She slightly opened her lips and I sensed her warm breath on my lips. Our breathes got completely mixed as I was almost kissing her . . .

. . . and then at that very moment I woke up. I was still in-between my dream world and conscious state and I swear that the breath of Miya’s felt so real it took a couple of seconds until I realised that it was only a dream I was experiencing.

Gosh! Why my dreams are always interrupted at those moments when they are heading to the more interesting levels? My rare dreams are like soap operas without next episodes.

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