J-Idol Halloween 2022

I’m following many Japanese idols and idol groups. Some of them have been my favorites for many years. Such as Tokyo Girl’s Style. Some are more recent ones like RABBIT HUTCH is. Also a couple of  young indie circuit cover singers & dancers are on my daily check list.

Here I have chosen 13 Halloween 2022 shots from some of my favorite idols. Header image is RABBIT HUTCH.


RUNA – Sakura Mode Project


Akira – Devil ANTHEM.


Miyu – Tokyo Girl’s Style


Sakurako – Rabbit Hutch


Mao – Hokuriku Idol Club


Yurai – former PREDIANNA


Hitomi – Tokyo Girl’s Style


Bellring Shoujo Heart


Momoka – former Fairies


Airi – Devil ANTHEM.


Hana-chan – CherryChery


Mei – Tokyo Girl’s Style

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