Review: The Best of Mihimaru GT (Album)

Honestly, I just became Mihimaru GT’s fan since few months ago. I never thought I would love them at first time I saw their picture. But I did.

mihimaru GT

I began loving them since the first time I heard their “Kakegae no Nai Uta (かけがえのない詩)” song performed on the Music Station. And I’m such a big fan of Doraemon since my childhood. Well, recently, I just purchased their “The Best of Mihimaru GT” album. Well, I know I’m late, but yeah, I’d like to review this album anyway.

1. Theme of mihimaLIVE
Actually, this is the first time I get interested with an album opening track lol. This song is pretty good, and I love how it sounds. I like the hip-hopish tune in this song.

2. Love is…
This is my 2nd favorite single of theirs! I love the chorus, specially. And Hiroko’s voice is really beautiful on this song.

3. Yurume no Lady (ユルメのレイデ)
I like the oriental tune on the beginning of this song. The PV is good. But I don’t really like Hiroko’s rapping tho. She sounds kinda weird when she’s rapping. But I love this song anyway (it’s specially because of Miyake’s rap.

4. Itsumademo Hibiku Kono Melody (いつまでも響くこのmelody)
This track’s chorus sounds similar with “Love Is…”. But this song has more jazzy feeling on it. And I noticed how Hiroko resembles Mari so much on this song’s PV.

5. Kibun Joujou↑↑ (気分上々↑↑)
Unlike others, this track isn’t my most favorite, because Hiroko’s voice sounds bit irritating on this song. But I like this kind of happy song. And the PV looks very cool too.

mihimaru GT

6. Punkish☆ (パンキッシュ☆)
Woah, rockish song! Miyake’s rapping sounds really cool on this song. I can’t get the chorus out my mind yet lol. This song is pretty catchy.

7. Koisuru Kimochi (恋する気持ち)
This is probably my 3rd favorite single from theirs (well, notice that I’m more ballad person lol). I love how this song sounds really relaxing and I love Hiroko’s vocal on this song. Her voice sounds really beautiful on this song. And I like this song’s lyrics.

8. YES
This is the c/w song of the “Koisuru Kimochi” single. The beginning of this song reminds me of a christmas song. Well, this is also ballad, but unlike Koisuru Kimochi, this song has some raps on it. But the raps aren’t ruining the song at all! This song is another relaxing track. So far, this is one of my most fav c/w song by them.

9. Sayonara no Uta (さよならのうた)
Another ballad-ish single by them. Not one of my most favorite, but the chorus sounds beautiful.

10. H.P.S.J. -mihimaru Ball MIX-
This is probably my least favorite single of theirs. Because the rapping on this song sounds pretty noisy for my taste lol. But I love this song’s PV!

11. Tsuyoku Tsuyoku (ツヨクツヨク)
I like the summer-y feel on this song! This track has been stayed on my iPod playlist for weeks now. This song sounds really fun track and it’s great to listen to this song while it’s summer!

12. Magical Speaker (マジカルスピーカー)
This is the c/w song of the “Itsumademo Hibiku Kono Melody” single. Not my favorite c/w song, because I forgot this song’s melody so easily after listening. But anyway, this song is okay ^^

mihimaru GT

13. Kakegae no Nai Uta (かけがえのない詩)
Obviously, this is my most favorite single by them! And this song is the reason why I get interested with Mihimaru GT at first time (the second would be Miyake rofl). I just love this song’s tune, lyrics & its PV! This song is still on my iPod playlist even it’s been around 5-6 months. I just love this kind of ballad.

14. Negai ~Negai~ (願~negai~)
Probably my 4th fav single by them. I like this song’s tune! Hiroko’s vocal sounds really beautiful on this song too.

15. Kaerouka -Take 07 (帰ろう歌-TAKE7-)
One of my most favorite single by them. And I like this version better than the original!

16. Yakusoku
This was their debut single. And this song is good! I’m sure I’ve heard this song before, somewhere, but forgot where. Anyway, I like it!

Overall. 9.5/10
I love this album! Probably one of my most favorite j-pop album. I’d highly recommend this album.

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