Rihoriho what are you doing to me?!

Here we go again! My Morning Musume love is getting stronger and stronger every time something new happens to this Dynamic Group of Ten. Happy is so mild word to describe how I feel now.

We don’t see “Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai” MV completely on latest Hello! Project Station but that much we see I like very much. This is another MM song which needs to be listened several times until it grows on you. Don’t know how you take this song but I utterly love it.

I saw this coming already some time ago: I’m addicted to Rihoriho.

And I’m also deeply addicted to formation dance. Tsunku said on recent HEY!HEY!HEY! SP TV show that Morning Musume.’s dance performance is number one in J-pop world now. That’s how also I see it. I look those choreographies mesmerized and I don’t know any more how many times I’ve watched for example dance shot version of “Ai no Gundan”.

Another thing about Tsunku. He has sent to media a bulletin on which he says there is going to be a important announcement from him on January 22. concerning Morning Musume. Already flood of speculations have raised about the content of that announcement. Is it about adding new members to Morning Musume or graduation of Sayu or something else?

My wild (and that’s what it really is) guess number one is that later this year we see “Morning Musume ’14 World Wide Tour” which has concerts in 3 European and 3 US cities plus in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and Bangkok. Hah ha, so wild. My number two guess is that Morning Musume。is one of the main acts on the opening event of Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.


Hello! Project Station ep.50


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