Koha, what are you doing?

This happened for me last week. To make long story shorter…

I was laying at home on my futon couch and looking at Koharu. I was pretty surprised because she was sitting on me with her legs outspread, smiling at me and talking something. I didn’t understand a word. Maybe I was just too amazed on that situation so that my ears didn’t hear nothing else but kind of chaotic symphony.

Koha 1

Now you might be thinking about something really lewd & sleazy scene but I swear we both had our clothes on. Koha was wearing pink set of t-shirt and sweat pants and her hair was tied in ponytail. Very casual but also girly.

Koha 2

So there I was staring up at Koharu who was then writing something on her tiny notepad. To be honest, there was one question spinning in my mind: Should I do my first move? After all, I’m a normal man and she is a sensual girl.

Koha 3

When she had done her writing she handed me a small sheet she had ripped off from her notepad. I took it and saw a row of numbers on it. Then, first time, I clearly understood what Koha was saying.

”Please give me a call. Promise. I must go now”, she spoke and got up.

Koha 4

And at that moment I woke up and realised it was only dream I was experiencing. Not a wet dream as you can guess but just an ordinary dream. Or maybe not so ordinary after all. It’s very rare that I can remember my dreams. And when I had Koharu in my dream it was even more unique case.

If I only could remember that phone number she gave me.

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