BABYMETAL takes the world by storm

What has happened since 2010 when BABYMETAL was founded? Little by little the group build themselves a cult status in Japan. Last year girls did some successful gigs in Japanese major rock & metal festivals and made their way also to Nippon Budokan. After a couple of normal and digital singles plus live DVD & Blu-ray box sets came finally out BABYMETAL’s debut album in the end of February 2014.

All that didn’t got much attention in the western world but then BABYMETAL released their live music video “Gimme Chocolate!!” on their Youtube channel and instantly it became a hit. Now (video was released on Feb 25. and today it’s April 18.) it has been watched over 6,5 million times. As a long time BABYMETAL follower I’m happy to see how BABYMETAL is doing at the moment...


Now I finally realized why I like BABYMETAL so much.

Earlier today I was once again listening Buono!’s Best of double album and then that came to me quite clearly: BABYMETAL has taken Buono!’s place as Momo, Miya and Airi has not done much with their great trio lately. I still try to be positive and hope that there comes the day when Buono! comes alive again but I’m also happy that there is now BABYMETAL for me and for the rest of the world.

SU-METAL really is my BABYMETAL Queen. Captures are form Fuji TV NEXT – ALL LIVE NIPPON Vol.2 program.


Live video Fuji TV NEXT
YouTube Preview Image


I got my BABYMETAL special set

Yeah, today this nice BABYMETAL vinyl album sleeve-like package arrived. They sold these sets only at BABYMETAL’s Nippon Budokan concerts. Only 12′ vinyl record is missing. Instead inside the sleeve there are “History of BABYMETAL” DVD + Music card + Battle-Kit.

DVD has long interviews with BABYMETAL girls and “Iijime Dame Zettai” mixed from couple of different concerts. Music card has activation serial number which I think means that I could download BABYMETAL’s new album from Recochoku. Not sure if it’s allowed only for Japanese fans. As I already have that album (ltd edition) I don’t need to dovnload it anyway. And that Battle-kit contains some “action figures” you cut out an play with if you like that kind of stuff.

Some captures from the DVD:

That Girl

That girl looks often so absolutely average and yet she is always so very special.













First 12 pictures are from various blog posts etc. sources.

Captures are from “Riho’s Fashion Archive” DVD preview.

And here’s the actual clip:
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