Zukki, WOW!

Morning Musume’15 did it again. It made my day(s) with the new song “Oh my wish!” This song is an uptempo poptechno tune which sure gets you on the dance floor if you are a person who likes to dance. Even as I’m a lousy dancer it makes my body move (in mysterious ways) to it’s strong beat.

One part of the fun, as always, is to watch MoMusu girls themselves dancing. Morning Musume’15 is on this MV divided to two separate groups. Riho, Ayumi, Mizuki and Erina are kind of front dancers doing the hardest work as the rest of the girls are not sweating as much with their choreography. This “two groups” thing is a quite clever idea and it works nicely.

Also must be mentioned that Kanon Suzuki has got quite a lot seconds on this video. That’s so very great thing. Also great is that her body shape is suddenly changed. She looks really awesome today. And with this I don’t mean that she has not been awesome also before. But now Zukki is WOW.


“Oh my wish!” MV


Maro retrospectively : Years 2012 – 2014

This is part three of Maro retro.

From 2012 to 2014 it was the time of growing up for S/mileage. It was also the era of a six members line-up as Kana Nakanishi, Akari Takeuchi, Rina Katsuta and Meimi Tamura joined the group in late 2011. As 2nd gen girls stepped in S/mileage’s style became more sexy & mature. During these years S/mileage released many catchy and cool songs & videos such as “Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!” and “Ee ka!”.

Before 2012 I was only part-time fan of S/mileage but 2nd gen and the new style of the group changed all. S/mileage’s attraction rised to the next level and I started to follow them more closely.



Dot Bikini

Atarashii Watashi ni Nare!

Ee ka!


My Top Ten H!P Girls – July 2015

What is this?! ANGERME girls are now dominating my Top Ten ranking. There are all together five ANGERME members on my year half listing. And what’s significant all 3rd gen girls are there.

First I thought that my Hello! Project life after Berryz Kobo could be quite boring (excluding Morning Musume’15) but then Tsunku♂ made one more genius move: The reformation of S/mileage. Old group metamorphosed to ANGERME and got even three new members. And the evolution of this group just goes on. Soon ANGERME might have even more fresh girls on their line-up as Shin Member Audition is in it’s full swing at the moment.

So WHAT is this really? Now as Miyabi Natsuyaki and Risako Sugaya have gone (at least for a while) Mizuki from ANGERME has occupied the first place on my Top Ten. Oh, Mizuki! I can’t explain this clearly. She is just the dearest one from H!P girls for me nowadays. She has got everything I can admire. She is perfect for me. Her sweet smile. Her overwhelming energy. All of her makes me so happy. Yep, that’s how things are now.

Also Rikako (another perfect one), Meimi, Maho and Ayaka rule my ranking. Of course eternal Momochi must be there. And same goes with Airi. From always interesting Morning Musume my listing has this time three members which not surprisingly are Riho, Masaki and Haruka. Hah ha, I don’t even dare to calculate what’s the average age of the girls of my Top Ten today. Feels like every time I do my ranking average age goes lower & lower.


1. (–) Mizuki Murota

Mizuki 1

Mizuki 2

2. (8.) Rikako Sasaki

Rikako 1

Rikako 2

3. (2.) Riho Sayashi

Riho 1

Riho 2

4. (4.) Momoko Tsugunaga

Momo 1

Momo 2

5. (10.) Meimi Tamura

Meimi 1

Meimi 2

6. (–) Maho Aikawa

Maho 1

Maho 2

7. (7.) Masaki Sato

Masaki 1

Masaki 2

8. (5.) Ayaka Wada

Ayaka 1

Ayaka 2

9. (3.) Haruka Kudo

Haru 1

Haru 2

10. (–) Airi Suzuki

Airi 1

Airi 2



Maro retrospectively : Year 2011

So this is part two of Maro retro.

2011 was the year of big changes in S/mileage. Group got 5 new members (2nd gen), then original memeber Saki Ogawa left unexpectedly the group, then from new members one was dropped out and in the end of the year another original member Yuuka Maeda said goodbye. So in the beginning of 2012 S/mileage had 6 members: Ayaka Wada, Kanon Fukuda, Kana Nakanishi, Akari Takeuchi, Rina Katsuta and Meimi Tamura.


Official group photos from 2011:


S/mileage MVs from 2011:
Uchouten LOVE (still only four members)

Please Miniskirt Postwoman! (2nd gen joined + last single for Yuuka)


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