Idol Hanami 2022

Hanami season in Japan is virtually over. So it’s about time to look back how wonderful it was during this spring.

As before I’ve picked up Hanami related photos from the blogs and other social media sources of Japanese idols. Some of them are well known and some indie idols I’ve been following.

And as always there are many idols from Hello! Project groups. Of course also former H!P members enjoyed this year’s Hanami.


Ayano Kawamura from ANGERME


Karin Miyamoto (ex Juice=Juice)


Kurumi Takekoshi from Devil ANTHEM.


Ema Maeno


Layla Ise from ANGERME


Mariya Suzuki from Rose A Real (ex Cheeky Parade)


RUNA from Sakura Mode Project


Reina Yokoyama from Morning Musume. ’22


Mei Shoji from Tokyo Girls’ Style


Miu Miura from Rabbit Hutch


Natsume Nakayama from OCHA NORMA


Mao Yamazaki from Hokuriku Idol Club


Miyabi Natsuyaki (ex Berryz Kobo & Buono!)


Kokoro Maeda from BEYOOOOONDS


Koharu Kusumi (ex Morning Musume)


Chinami Tokunaga (ex Berryz Kobo)


Akane Haga from Morning Musume. ’22


Chihiro Nakagawa from Up Up Girls 2


Ami Tanimoto from Tsubaki Factory


Yurai (ex PREDIANNA)


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