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Buono! finalized

Finally "The Testament of Buono! for all The Future Generations" (a.k.a. "Young Persons Guide to The Great Buono!") is released. Actually it's official name is plainly "Buono! Live 2017 ~Pienezza!~" but the most expensive box set from these three editions is indeed the ultimate Buono!…

Koha came back

Hah! Actually Koharu Kusumi didn't vanish away. I just didn't follow her after she graduated from Morning Musume although she was one of my favorite girls in Hello! Project. But these things just happen. For a while I've now been following Koha on social media.…

A song for Aiai

I've quite mixed feelings about this ANGERME's "Namida Iro no Ketsui" music video and especially about song's lyrics. And I guess I'm not the only one who's being concerned. This song clearly tells a story about Maho Aikawa and the rest of ANGERME. It's some…

Summerish Maria

I've a serious fetichism: Short denim shorts on pretty girls. Here's┬áMaria Makino from Morning Musume. '17 in latest Weekly Young Magazine.     Get your magazines from CD JAPAN: Young Magazine June 12, 2017 Issue [Cover] MAKINO MARIA (MORNING MUSUME.) Kodansha
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