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We have a winner!

Our “Who’s the hottest girl in H!P” poll is closed and we have a winner now. Although I’m a Miyabi Natsuyaki fan and hoped she could get herself to the top five I was quite surprised that she actually is an overhelming winner. I mean she got 85 votes which is 27% from total 318 votes. Another surprise was that six girls from Berryz Kobo are ranked to top ten of our poll. I must point out that these results were not manipulated in any ways.

Kind of surprise was also that C-ute’s Nacky got only 2 votes although her second photobook is just released. All in all girls from C-ute weren’t votepullers. Their best was Maimi on 9th place.

H!P’s flag ship Morning Musume got only three members to our top ten. Ai-chan reached to number two spot which was quite expected rank but she had to go for  a go...

Finally she came into my dream

This short story must be told because it’s so exceptional from my point of view. This is all about my sweet dream I saw yesterday when I fell asleep while watching TV.

It’s very rare that I remember my dreams. And it’s even more exceptional that there are Hello! Project members in my dreams. Last time this kind of dream I can remember happened almost three years ago. Koharu Kusumi come then into my dream and if you’re interested to know more about it check out my blog entry dated on May 16. 2008.

But what happened this time?

Well, the beginning was quite harsh. I was in the middle of the guarrel with this girl who was no one else than Miyabi Natsuyaki. You might ask how could I fight with my most favorite Japanese girl but that was the case...

My year end Top Ten H!P Girls

I havn’t done my H!P Girls Top Ten list for a while. Actually I did it last time on April 13th 2010. Eight and half months ago. I think it really is about time to get this ranking done again. I’ve got one great surprise waiting for you down there.

1. MIYABI (1)
No one can throw off Miya dear from the peak place on my ranking list. She is still there and I guess she keeps that place as long as we can see her in Berryz Kobo and Hello! Project. If I’m not feeling great and if I’m down Miya can always make my day. Now when Captain is getting her debut photobook I wonder where is Miya’s 2nd solo book. It must be only a matter of time until we get it. If you are not blind you can clearly see she is the hottest girl in H!P at the moment.

2. AI (new entry)
What is this!?! Ai Takahashi has never ...


This is a bit surprising but also super cool news. It was just announced on Chinese TV show “Music Story in Japan” that JunJun, LinLin, Miyabi & Koharu are the new Hello! Project special unit. This quartet is raised especially for the Shanghai World Expo concerts taking place in Shanghai on June 22 and 23.

In this clip from the show JunJun and LinLin decided first to take Miya in the group and after that they all ended up asking also Koha to join with them. This special unit does not have name yet but JunJun already suggested that it could be MBK. Why not JKLM? Or SCC as Suppa Cool Chicks?

Anyways, there is already up  a web page @ Music Story’s site where you can request a name for this special unit.

The next question is of course: What songs this quartet is going to sing in those upc...