Another question from Tsunku

Tsunku’s Twitter posts are mainly quite random small-talky tweets but every now and then comes out more interesting stuff. Like this one posted on May 12:

“Would everyone like a Jun Jun photobook??”

Tsunku gave me a good reason to answer his tweet:

“@Tsunkuu YES please, we want it VERY much! Give us JunJun’s debut photobook!”

JunJun sure deserves to have her first PB. You can be sure that AS it’s released I’m one of those thousands who is definitely getting it. Another H!P member who deserves to have her debut PB is Captain Saki from Berryz Kobo! All other BK girls have already had one or more solo PBs published so Saki is still the only one without PB.

And as we are now talking about PBs, here’s my third wish aimed to Tsunku: It’s really about time for Miyabi Natsuyaki to have her 2nd photobook! Her debut PB was released exactly 3 years ago. During that period Risako Sugaya has had 3 PBs. Don’t get me wrong. I have all 4 Rii’s photobooks.

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