When girls cry

Japanese are so emotional and I think there’s that kind of sentimentality also in me. When I see girls crying on my TV screen also I start sobbing and in the deepest outburst of feelings I can’t avoid tears appearing in my eyes.

Konkon's tears

This happens almost every time I watch these graduation concerts and other touching stuff. Regardless how many times I see those documents I just start sobbing with the girls. “You are such a sentimental fool”, said my friend when we were watching Zone’s final concert. Well, I have never denied it.

Now I have seen Hello!Project 2006 Summer final concert a couple of times. What makes this dvd’s watching experience more emotionally than any other’s is of course the fact that it was also Konkon’s graduation, her last appearance evar with MM/H!P. Needless to say what happens to my eyes when concert hits to it’s climax.

I don’t know if it’s because of Konkon but I find this dvd one of the best H!P concert recordings evar. You should notice that I don’t say it’s da best one, because we are missing so many outstanding H!P artists such as Maki, Aya, Nacchi, Miyabi, Aibon & Nono and so on. But as I said, it has a certain “sacred” place in my dvd shelf.

Risa near to collapse

And what about concert itself? There are MM, Biyuuden, Berryz, C~ute, H!P Eggs and Marippe & Makoto as CMs. Also Nono with crutches makes a brief appearance. They blend groups and songs so watonly! Like Risa & Eri singing Country Musume’s Hajimete no Happy Birthday or Hitomi & others performing Berryz Special Generation. Berryz by themselves are doing Boyfirend (Miyabi absent from this concert) and Koha sings Koi Kana. Just wondering if others performing Berryz songs wakes non-Berryz-fans up to realize that also Berries have cool & catchy songs.

Bye bye Konkon & Mako

Then there is this long graduation segment with lot of trembling voices and wet cheeks. Risa is always been almost hysteric weeper but this time she manages to avoid total collapse. Farewells are hard naturally to all 5th gen members but also 6th gen is quite out-of-balance. Bravest ones are of course leader Hitomi & sub-leader Miki, although also they have their moments.

Besides concert this dvd has also some bomus tracks. There’s backstage clips and then whole Berryz (including Miyabi) performing Boyfriend & Nono doing Maki’s Uwasa no Sexy Guy!

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  1. wu-san

    awww, don’t worry zush, i totally understand…in fact i don’t download any graduations at all, because I also get emotional…so i just avoid it, i know I’m missing out perhaps, but i started to watch a few graduations and I just couldnt allow myself to go on…once the tears started to roll i thought ‘thats it I cant keep watching’.

    heres how I think it is:-

    the way Morning Musume is pitched to us, we tend to feel as if we ‘know them’, shows such as Hello! Morning, utaban etc allow them to be quite open and themselves…western pop culture is quite detatched, however the ‘Japanese Idol’ concept invites us to almost grow up along side them, we view them as ‘material friends’ as explained in your ‘maki goto thred’ hope you dont mind me sounding simular here zush, just that i think it fits. so we’ll care about them as friends would care, we obviously know what is reality and what’s fantasy, however can still ‘care’ about the idol’s feelings and don’t view them as a piece of the pop culture puzzle, we see them as human beings.

    and when graduations come, we feel like a part of us is going away also…and the fact that Morning musume feels like a family unit…they’ll feel very emotional when a member has to leave, and we feel for and with them also…its only natural i think.

    I think when it comes down to it, the reason is because we care about them…we hold them in high regard because a bond of respect has been built up between fan and idol. I’ll even include the ‘boy fans’ in this, not fans who are boys, but ‘boy fans’ those really crazy people …cause as much as I think they take it too far…i guess they still care also.

    will I ever see a whole graduation? XP i’ll carry on avoiding it…too upsetting for me.

    don’t worry its ok to cry zush…because you ‘care’ at least you can watch a full graduation lol

  2. Shinji

    I have all the graduations but i dont enjoy watching them at all but I cant look away. not that I watch them often.

    the Hello!Project 2006 Summer final concert was a good one for the reasons you said.

    I admit it I get tears sometimes to.

    @Wu-san: i think you should watch a graduation through just so you can say you’ve done it. be strong LOL

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