Day 1 and ½ after Konkon

I have seen photos taken in Konno’s graduation concert last night. I have seen many times some Japanese morning TV’s news clips showing footages from that concert. And I have been taken by surprise as has happened to all Morning Musume fans in Japan and all over the world. And that was a shocking surprise indeed. If you are a true Makoto & Konno fan you already know what I’m talking about.

That Yoyogi Hippodrome H!P concert was supposed to have only Konkon’s graduation ceremony but there was also Makoto on stage accepting graduation flowers.I’m shocked how Up-Front Agency arranges these things. Out of blue comes Mako’s ceremony. I can’t imagine how Mako herself and thousands of her fans feel when this kind of thing happens without any warning. Now, day after, there has been many kinds of rumors going on. Reading all that stuff from various forums makes me even more confused. There’s too much “ifs” in all those speculations. All I can say is that responsible for this unpleasant event is of course UFA. It seems that this agency does not konw what the word RESPECT means.

Final result = Konno’s and (also) Makoto’s graduation ceremony wasn’t as harmonious as it should have been. Shame on you UFA! At least I feel so at this moment.

I’m tired! I’m really tired with UFA. It should pull itself together and learn to handle all things smarter than these days. And once again: Bring Aibon back to us! I’m afraid that in Aibon’s case it’s going to be the same old thing. Out of blue comes announcement that Aibon is “graduated” from H!P. Let’s hope that I’m only cynical and that kind of announcement never comes out.

Back to Konkon. Yes, I watched those news clips and when saw Asami crying couldn’t help but had tears also in my eyes. I’m so sentimental fool. And proud of it.

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