That thing called Pure sexual attraction

Last night I kind of surprised myself. I was watching Morning Musume’s Resonant Blue Lesson Studio Version. My mind was blank as can be. There I sat and watched my laptops screen. Girls were rehearsing & dancing in a studio dimmy lights on. I thought this is once again those cheaply made alternative PVs UFA kindly offers us.

But that was not the only thought I had in my empty mind. I was staring intensely at Koharu’s bum which was swinging in that pink jogging suit. How it moved here and there and almost everywhere. How thight and tasty it looked. And then! No, wait, it wasn’t only her bottom that glued my eyes on her. All her body moves were full of erotic innuendo. How she moved her legs & arms, how she arched her body and how she turned her head so that her long ponytail whiped the air. I almost smelt her scent. Sweat & light perfume. God, I truly have a vivacious imagination.


I thought it would be much harder for me  to accept the fact that Koharu Kusumi is the hottest girl in Morning Musume today. But it wasn’t. Wonder why. I’m not yet convinced if she is my top one girl in MM now but I know for sure that pure sexual attraction is present when I see Koha dancing.


This rather surprising observation led me thinking how I see those other MM girls in this sexual context. And more surprises were coming up. This is very interesting indeed.


My number one MM girl Reina turns out to be quite mild in this light. Her loose panties make it just worse. Even more non-sexual MM members in my eyes are Aika and LinLin. Actually LinLin is there at the bottom of all.


Then I have this undefined fuzzy zone where girls are kind of in between hotness and just-cuteness that in it’s worst case is commonness. Ai, Risa and Sayumi are all in this group. Although Sayumi is always super cute, because she is born to be cute, she in various associations can also be sexy girl. Sexy in very innocent way. In this Lesson Studio Version she is only cute.


I’ve still two girls remaining. Can you hear it? Sexual attraction alarm bell is ringing loudly. Two more shocks? Eri and JunJun! Can’t be? But it’s true. Those girls are very sexy right after Koha.


Eri has been bubbling under quite a while but now her appearance in this PV version makes me finally completely convinced: She also has it. Pure sexual attraction. Her calmness and slight shyness makes her even more attractive. Eri’s face expression in PV’s close-up scene do not need any illuminating words.


What about our crybaby JunJun then? She definitely has strong erotic aura on her even though her dance movements are still quite clumsy. And she has weird sense of humour. Well, I also have. And she stands out from others because she does not talk Japanese yet so well and she is also quite tall girl. But you don’t need to be a perfect person if you have IT. That’s JunJun. Somehow I see JunJun quite close to Sayumi. I really can’t explain why that is so. When Sayumi is cute all of the time JunJun is sexy in every second in her own lovely phlegmatic way. Sounds weird? But that’s how I see & feel it.


If we look back for Morning Musume’s evolution it clearly shows that today group is the most sexual oriented one out of all other versions. In the begining MM looked mature and had stylized & controlled erotic touch. When MM’s songs became more catchy & pop and when younger members were joining the group their presence changed towards cuteness. Of course there has always been a hint of hotness in MM but it has come out more along with individual members than a group image.


When Koharu, 7th generation Miracle Girl, joined the gang in 2005 Morning Musume’s erotic signals got louder. Was it because Koha fit so well to Tsunku’s & Up-Front Agency’s plan to change MM’s image more sexy and grown-up? In this case that does not mean that artists should also be adults. I’m talking about image. Maybe there on the background was also pressure to answer those challenges coming from Japanese record industry and changing taste of consumers. Or maybe it was just time to accept the fact that sex sells better than cuteness.


This evolution towards the sexier image is not a fact only in Morning Musume’s case. If you have eyes, you have seen that it’s happening almost all over Hello! Project. Tsunku’s Dynasty offers us more hotness than ever.

My role here is not to be a moralist. Many times people who consider themselves as moralists are the worst ones with double standards. I myself have only one standard: I like Koha’s bum, Miya’s hip, Chinami’s legs an all other things I’m not going to list here.

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