Aiai is Ultra Monster freak

You who happen to follow ANGERME and especially Maho Aikawa know that she is not into cute things such as Hello Kitty. Our Aiai is an Ultra Monster freak and also interested in space and astronomy. Those are just a couple of reasons why I love that girl.

There is a whole bunch of Ultra Monsters and it seems that she likes especially the creature called Kanegon. It is that flat headed monster which eats coins & bills and dies if doesn’t get a certain value of money as his daily nutrition. Quite a clear allegory for world economy I think.

As in so many sci-fi stories and fairy tales there is a battle between good and evil. Ultraman is here the hero who fights against those Ultra Monsters. Of course Aiai is also Ultraman fan.

Read more about history and present of Ultraman & Ultra Monsters from UltraWiki.


More to come soon:
Aiai & monsters in magazines
Aiai The Space Girl


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