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Waiting for Rihoriho

As former Morning Musume Risa Niigaki "accidentally" posted photos of her and Riho Sayashi on her blog and Instagram the rumours of Rihoriho's comeback started to spread among Hello! Project wotasphere. Quickly those posts were deleted but many people managed to see them and screencaptures…

When Rihoriho became Morning Musume

It's now only 11 days until Riho Sayashi graduates from Morning Musume '15. When she became MoMusu member (with three other 9th generation girls) almost five years ago I got very excited about that new youthful appearance of the group. Morning Musume was like reborn…

That Girl

That girl looks often so absolutely average and yet she is always so very special. First 12 pictures are from various blog posts etc. sources. Captures are from "Riho's Fashion Archive" DVD preview. And here's the actual clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTtoSYQOaQo  
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