Open letter to Koharu

Dear Koha,

This is not obituary. Why should this be it? This is not thumb that presses panic button. This is not sorrow. No red eyes. This is not misery. Because this is a new chapter in your still thin book. Because this is the life which has been waiting for you out there.

Finally you have taken your life in your own hands. It’s called “growing up” and “becoming independent”. Koha, you are quite courageous when you are taking this next giant leap in your life. I respect you. I adore you. I think I love you even more than before. And that’s much I can tell you.

Rejoice your coming freedom! Do what you really want to do. I’m sure that’s what is sparkling in your mind these days. Leave behind those silly choreographies, odd & tight H!P rules, bizarre Kirarin outfits and most of all your childish idol image which never attracted me

You deserve better things. Now, go and get ’em! Go girl!

Best wishes to you and your bright future  from zush.

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