Tsunku throws us questions

On March 13. Tsunku♂ posted a quite cryptic tweet to his new Twitter account. Cryptic or more than clear, it’s up to you to decide.

First sentence is surprisingly in English and has kind of question in it: “°C-ute … add a new member?” The last sentence is in Japanese and also it is a question: “どうすればいいでしょうか”. I guess roughly translated it means: “What should I do?”

Now, do we have a piece of news here? Has Tsunku started to think that °C-ute should have more than five members after Erina’s and Kanna’s departures?

And after this more questions keep flowing in. What could be the time frame for adding new member(s) to °C-ute? Is there going to be new auditions or maybe Tsunku already considers the potential candidates from inside his H!P Empire?

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