Reservoir Cutie

This is not first time I see fan made picture of C-ute’s Chisato with gun. And that keeps me still wondering what’s behind this rather odd set of young girl & handgun.

In this case the context is C-ute’s forthcoming great single Forever Love. Here in this fan art we see Chisato almost like taken out of one scene of Quentin Tarantino’s (hah ha, again that director) Reservoir Dogs.

Back to the question. It’s well known fact that girls or women and arms go well together in adult entertainment world. It’s kind of fetish thing. Some find that combination even seductive. But as we have here young 14 years old girl with shiny gun I hear somewhere in the distance an alarm bell ringing. Actually there must be two alarms ringingĀ in the same time.

If it’s not erotic desire this picture is trying to light up then what it is? Is this only cute composition? Or is there any deeper meaning, some kind of hidden message, in it? I guess I have no smart answers to these questions. But for me these fictional works of Chisato with guns are just cool. Without any sexual nor deeper meanings.

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  1. freezingkiss

    I agree, I don’t think it really has any meaning, I bet someone just likes Chisato a lot xD

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