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Just stop that sobbing! This is not the day for crying. This is the day for rejoice.

As Reina Tanaka’s graduating news hit to my silent Sunday morning I kept smiling because this type of news I had been waiting for a while.

This is best damn thing happened to Reina since she joined Morning Musume. She has always been one of my most favorite Morning Musume because of her style and her attitude. She has always been the one and only Rock Babe in Hello! Project. It’s not hard for me to imagine going out with Reina. Even date with her. I think I share many things in common with Reina.

As a leader of her new band Reina takes a great individual step towards new challenges. What makes me especially happy is the fact that we are now talking about a REAL BAND. Sounds so very promising. It’s interesting to see what kind of rock they are gonna give us. At least I suppose that Reina’s band is going to be more rock-ish than pop-ish.

The band has already two vocalists and two guitarists but still Tsunku is hunting after a bass player and a drummer to make the group complete. By the way, you can suggest the name for the yet unnamed band via group’s web site.


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