Just a little bit of Mikitty memories..

After falling in love with Miki Fujimoto (again) this week, I’ll share with you one of my favourite Mikitty moments.

Like almost everything I label –a classic moment’ it involves those two bastards from Utaban, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The episode I’m talking about is the 2003 Christmas special where current MM hogged the spotlight, of course. The first part is truly enjoyable, where Taka-san becomes utterly pissed off with Kame-chan’s –style’ of jokes. How he gets himself so animated is a mystery to me, but damn it’s good. Rika delights us with another gripping yet hilarious story which, as always, turns out to be bloody awful but I guess that’s the point. An interesting talk about Mikitty is discussed at the start of MM’s time slot involving –rearranging her underwear’. Now, I rarely speak out of line when it comes to Morning Musume but I fear anything I say about Mikitty on the subject would just come out wrong.


So, swiftly moving on

Mikitty really shines near the end, and thanks to Taka-san’s undoubted favouritism we rarely miss anything. T.a.t.u, anyone remember that god awful Russian pop duo? Anyway the girls are asked to plot out on a world map where they’re from. I really hope some of the answers were deliberate, otherwise MM’s geography is at a standard that, well I don’t even want to think about it. The fact that both Taka-san and Nakai-kun are more often than not on the floor in stitches then making any sense whatsoever, you know it’s a good episode. Hell, Taka-san even drooled for a moment and both hosts spontaneously combusted into Kame-chan joke territory. Everyone you expect to get their answer right does and as for the rest, god help them, I really mean that. Tsuji’s answer is classical, her delivery on saying Beijing is both Kawaii and utterly ridiculous, especially when you see where she plotted it on her map. But in a segment where stupid answers are the norm, I guess it’s nothing too exciting.

When MM are set the task to plot T.a.t.u’s whereabouts Mikitty instantly asks –which way is up’ holding her world map board. Well, this being a very creative question, Taka-san quickly takes hold of the situation, first by gasping in amazement and then by joining in with his other half to declare “up or down, it’s up to you”. Now that Mikitty has thrown herself into the firing line, it of course sparks off more interesting events. Taka-san goes on to ask her to include the equator line (which I guess isn’t asking much, at least that’s what we think) and also to place in the IDL line. Whilst Mikitty replies “How do you want me to show this –equator’?” when she first pauses to think about what an equator might be she is truly beyond sweet and endearing. It’s not the fact that she’s hopeless at anything regarding geography, it’s how she expresses it. There’s pensiveness, a naivety to it all. And whilst I love her evil side, her fun side is just as good.


Well as you might guess her answer is left till the end and the results are beyond anything I can comprehend. Ok, the equator line was close and the IDL line? Who the hell knows where that is? Maybe it’s just me. The fact that she has no Idea where Russia is becomes meaningless when you realise one important factor, she’s got the map upside down.

This was never really about T.a.t.u but MM’s terrible grasp of basic geography. There’s nothing else I need to say apart from “Mikitty I’ve missed you”.

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