BABYMETAL comes to Europe

BABYMETAL held two concerts at Nippon Budokan on March 1. & 2. which made girls the youngest group ever given a concert in that legendary arena.

During last concert BABYMETAL gave us Europeans great news: They are coming soon to Europe. They didn’t say any date nor city for their live yet and that leaves us fans in excited but tensed up mode.

My not so wild guess is that I’m gonna see BABYMETAL at JAPAN EXPO 2014 in Paris on the first days of July. It could be so but there are also some big summer festivals in Europe where BABYMETAL could fit in very well. Some are more metal’ish than others. As you all civilized people know Finland is The Promised Land of Metal and we have TUSKA Open Air Metal Festival in the end of June. To be honest it could be quite a miracle if BABYMETAL would come to my home city Helsinki, Finland. But as I said there are many other festivals around Europe next summer so if they are not going to Paris they could go for example to Denmark or Germany.

Another news is that BABYMETAL is going to some sort of hiatus after these Budokan concerts. Excluding of course that upcoming trip to Europe. I think this was right time to take a break. Moametal and Yuimetal can concentrate better to their main groupĀ Sakura Gakuin and BABYMETAL can get their overseas act nicely together.


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