WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I give up. This shit rocks!

Here’s the music video people had watched 1,798,890 times and had commented 3,313 times. These were the numbers on March 6. 2014 at 21.40 UTC/GMT.

BABYMETAL : Gimme chocolate!! – Live Music Video


And here are random comments on Youtube after people had watched this video:


WittyDroog: It would be decades until scientists would finally understand the true consequences of dropping the bomb on Japan?

Luciferdesrea: I….am not certain how to react to this.

smaulee: Oh my god. At first i was like what is this crap, but now im in love. This is insane band :D?

Thomas Kirby: This is both the greatest and the most confusing thing ever.

Marko Miki: wait, is that a statue of the virgin mary behind them? :))))

Bill Jarrett: I’ve never been a fan of death metal. I really don’t like J-pop. However, if you put them together it makes something amazing. It’s a lot like taking two inedible things like brussel sprouts and okra, mixing them together and ending up with Cadbury Egg topped pancakes.

Gavin Johnsen: your destroying the genre. stop.

Zero Faith: I can’t believe that people actually enjoy this shit. What is the purpose of this music ? Japan can’t be metal. Fact !

Paulo Neves: As a metal Fan for many years now…will have to say GREAT!!!! Not even close, to metal Tradition but still good enough to listen to. Rock or Pop on?

Dylan Evans: Found this through the Dead Kennedys’ Facebook page, i think i like this.

Brett Byrne: ive never been so mixed on how i feel about something and love it at the same time?

Daan Nijman: Just genius and freakin awesome But i still dont belief the singer is 16 and the other 2 girls are 14 :P?

Jeremy Shewman: Very interesting and experimental. No bad coming from a person who grew up listening to metal. I am really tired of the growling anyways. Old thrash such as Panetra and Slayer will always go down as the best ever. I would take my kids to see BABYMETAL over that Beiber, Miley, Gomez, One Direction, etc. crap.

János Molnár: o.O shit japan “rock”!!! OMG….. WTF?????? -.-

Kristian Gustafsson: This is so wrong and right at the same time. I fucking love this :D. I want Baby Metal on Spotify.

matiasktpq: Think I’ve just walked into another dimension…

DarinaK: I don’t even… what the… what… oh god I think I like it… xD

Esa Edvik: When I first heard their stuff. I didn’t actually think Babymetal would some day top the US, UK and CANADA iTunes Heavy Metal album chart 😀 Effin epic! Love it when music keeps evolving, there’s just no stopping it. Not that I have the deepest appreciation for band “products” made especially for a niche, but still, awesome.

Jarmo Puolakanaho: I’ll get me coat…

EpicShitForYou: Why can’t i stop listening to this? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????……..i give up this shit rocks!

LE CRINGEARMY ADMINxDD: As bad as this is, can this please replace all the shitty faggot generic -core bands? Least this is funny. Still heavier than Emmure?

Olivier Bisson: What the hell did my canadian brain just notice. My soul is in hell.

mstyle subend: Marry me suzuka

Gert Sønderby: I’m torn between “What is wrong with you, Japan?!?” and “How the hell is this so good?!?”

Phil Summers: leave it up to japan to have all the cool shit 😀

Rambo Luib: I am so confused right now? What the hell am i doing here watching this video?

Danael Webster: I never though I’d put a song of how aesome it is to eat chocolate.. On repeat \m/

Billy Wells: This is just like crack; we know it’s bad, we just can’t stop….

Dragos XT: Suzuka’s voice and the guitar from 2:40 make my still watch this. Also the fact that it’s funny as fuck.

James Salt: From a marketing point of view, this band is actual genius.

Chris Mccabe: Backing band is tight as hell, sound very crisp ams execution great. Tjose kids are entertaining and engaging, this reminds me of the Jpop band Perfume but on steroids and aligned with the dark side lol


CONCLUSION: BABYMETAL is taking the whole planet earth.


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