I don’t care so much about MilkyWay. It’s like stuffed toy. I don’t play with stuffed toys. I certainly don’t care about Kirarin Revolution. I’m not very much into anime & manga. Of course I love some anime series & movies and manga books but it’s quite rare that I purchase anything from those genres. And if I do you can bet that it’s not anime/manga for kids or girls. But I’m telling you that all this ignoring doesn’t mean that I neglect also Koharu Kusumi, the young lady in between Morning Musume, MilkyWay and Kirarin. The thing is I sure care much about Koha-chan.

Her shine is evident. And her sensuality is overflowing. I guess you can’t separate these two characteristics from each other. I’m not talking about acquired style or acting, I’m talking about natural power, that inner glow she has had since her birth.

In last week’s Los Angeles Anime Expo 2009 Tsunku (his first time in LA) was asked how he is choosing new girls to Hello! Project from those massive auditions, what kind of criterions he has when picking up girls. As an example such names as Aya Matsuura and Koharu Kusumi were mentioned. When Tsunku began his answer he said he had to get serious for that question.

And this is how Tsunku answered:

– When you look at people, be they 1 year old or 10 years old, they have some personal energy and for someone like me in the industry where you do have to work with people’s Ki (= energy flow), you have to feel the energy with your intuitive sense. And it’s if a person has that kind of energy, that’s what I look for. And if I fail to find that in a person that I audition, that’s when I’ll be fired from this business. [thanks to maiZe for this part of transcript]

Mr. Tsunku’s aswer is clear and a bit metapsychical too. Most important criterions in auditions for him are not such as superiority in singing or good looks. It’s more about how he feels and what he feels. Intuitiveness that is. After reading the whole transcript of Tsunku’s Q&A panel I respect him even more than before.

So has our Miracle Girl answered to Tsunku’s expectations? I guess mostly she has. But Koha-chan knows it and Tsunku knows it and even I know it that she is still on her way to the highest top. She is soon 17. Still young, still much to learn. And you know, I do believe in Miracles.

Koharu Kusumi’s 17th Birthday is on July 15th.

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